Mac consultations

Mac consultations are a narrower form of learning how to work with Apple computers and devices. Why consultations? For practice and time saving. Mac consultations are intended for people who need to master specific issues, which is why we narrow down the topics of this type of training. It also has a slightly looser and more flexible form and course than from-to training. However, we know that truly unexpected elements of basic information may surprise you. Mac is primarily a variety of personal computers. Typical Mac Pro, Air and iMac classics. MacBooks run on Apple's proprietary systems - Mac OS. Although intuitive to use, they differ significantly from the Win system. For users who have been working with Mac OS for some time, it is clear, but for new users it may be problematic. Mac consultations are geared towards

What are Mac consultations like?

We offer new Mac users a basic program and a selection of the most important topics to start with. Such consultations are perfect as a loose form of full training or a quick start, e.g. for a new job or position. Initially, we rely on the user's intuitive knowledge; he does not have to know exactly how they work.
We can explain the intricacies and working methods to users already working in the system. Practice solutions to problematic issues. Help you streamline your work, secure your data and better personalize your system. Additionally, we will help you set up parental controls and teach you how to control your children's activities on the Internet and on devices. We will teach how to work between systems and external devices.

What do we base Mac consultations on and what do we choose as a base?

We use a basic training plan to select and develop those issues that are important to the client. We are talking about, for example:

system construction
user options
installing peripheral devices
smart home management
mail and disk synchronization
folders and files
document management
taking care of the system
data security

Mac Consultations

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