Control Center  - HOW TURN IT ON?

Control Center is one of the incredibly useful features available on iPhones, allowing you to quickly access important settings and features of your device. With it, you can adjust the screen brightness, turn on airplane mode, adjust the volume or even turn on the flashlight - all without the need to go into the deep settings of the phone. In this article, you'll learn how to open Control Center and the benefits of using this feature.

The Control Center for iPhone is a simple and useful element that allows you to quickly access, for example: - screen brightness - ringtone volume - torch and its luminous power -Camera -Player - BT/Wi-Fi/data and their settings - Screen rotation lock -Recorder - alarm clock/stopwatch - focus time -etc. Detailed settings, if any, can be accessed from the Control Center on iPhone by holding the icon for a few seconds, e.g. turning on BT > holding the icon will open the option to select the device to connect. You can exit the detailed settings by tapping on an empty space outside the panels. One tap = one step back. You can also use the home button.


1. How do I open Control Center?

To open the Control Center on your iPhoneyou don't even have to unplay it, that's the idea behind this screen. All you have to do is swipe up on the bottom edge of the screen. The movement must be decisive and legible to the device. The second condition is to enable this option in the settings. For this, it is necessary to set the options in two places. Instructions with screens.

Control Center  - HOW TURN IT ON?

2. How to initiate Control Center?

Unlock your device first Click the "SETTINGS" icon, or get in the way you prefer

Find and tap the "CONTROL CENTER" icon Move the "ACCESS FROM APPS" slider - this is also where you can add and remove options that you want to appear on the control center screen

Go back to the settings and select the TOUCH ID icon and passcode

Enter your phone's unlock code A detailed settings will open automatically - move the "CONTROL CENTER" slider here

Move the "ACCESS FROM APPS" slider - this is also where you can add and remove options that you want to appear on the control center screen

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