Mac os x training

Computer training is a very broad category of educational activity. Training, consultations, workshops - all this can be conducted as part of computer training. The topics are also rich because there are more and more computer programs. Mac OS x training, which is both our passion and specialty. We teach, among others, how to use iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air, and Mac mini. Our instructors will show you how to effectively operate Mac OS X and will help you comprehensively adapt your devices to your individual needs. Mac Os x training is primarily information about the hardware and system. We point out the difference between Mac and PC. We show basic elements such as Dock, Finder, Mission Control and Launchpad. Applications, as well as mailbox, Safari browser, etc. Then we deal with peripherals and other Apple hardware. We help you install equivalents of specific applications for Mac. Additionally, we teach how to keep your computer safe.

Additional topics:

We provide training in Apple operating systems in the use of the system and various programs, mainly:

Support for other mailboxes and browsers
Google applications: documents, sheets, gmail , tasks, and others
instant messengers: Zoom, Teams and others. I.e.what is all about File download block in Chrome.
We basically train on a variety of Mac systems and different types of computers, from iMacs, through all Macbooks, to Mac minis and Apple devices.

Mac os x training

MODE and SCOPE for Mac os x training

We train in two basic modes:

ON-SITE - in our training room or selected location, e.g. hotel, conference center, community center, client's home, etc.
REMOTE - via ZOOM communicator

Scope, i.e. form and subject matter together. This crossword gives the following training scopes:

FULL TRAINING - at basic, intermediate and advanced levels
CONSULTATIONS - on issues selected by the student to learn or develop solutions
WORKSHOPS - thematic classes, in the scope selected by the student or according to. program prepared by us, containing issues of interest to the student. The scope is much larger and more flexible than consultations.