Mac Academy

I want to paraphrase that the Mac is not as scary as it is painted. Of course, from the point of view of a user starting to use Apple machines, it does not have to be so obvious. Depending on whether we are switching from Windows, where we have worked and had fun so far, or whether MacOSx is the first system we have to deal with, the reactions are more or less nervous to the new system. Windows users already have certain habits and specific automaticity of actions instilled in them. However, new users without experience with operating systems may get lost in the maze of new information. Nevertheless, MacOS creates the impression of an intuitive system. To learn it and verify this opinion, please visit us. Our Mac Academy is waiting for you with open doors.

What does Mac Academy teach?

Among various devices from Apple, personal computers are constantly growing in popularity. The brand offers users several models that are significantly differentiated and really well suited to the needs of users. From Apple MINI to Macbook Pro and Air. All of them are equipped with the proprietary Mac OS system. It is worth learning some theory first, because the approach to Mac OS is significantly different from Windows. In such a situation, the Mac Academy comes to the rescue.

When you start working with a new computer or even switch to used equipment, there are easier and more difficult situations. It is definitely more effective to learn the system and device under the supervision of a professional trainer. I would like to mention that the issue of how to operate a Macbook and other Apple devices is not only about learning Mac OS itself. This also means personalization and security, both physical hardware and data security. You should also get an appropriate antivirus for Macbook.

Mac academy - basics

First, configuration, and in the case of equipment inherited from a previous user - reinstallation or software update

  1. Cleaning - throwing away leftovers, unnecessary files and uninstalling unnecessary applications.
  2. Secondly, personalization - that is, adapting the computer to your needs and preferences. It is known that more pleasant work is more efficient and does not tire the user as much.
  3. Backup - making a backup copy of the system and data, most often performed using Apple's Time Machine.
Mac Academy

What else does our Mac Academy offer?

For our employees, Apple enthusiasts, the secrets of using Apple operating systems are both a passion and "bread and butter". We work on them every day, as well as on computers with Windows systems. Many of us use the model in question and know exactly how to use Macbook Air. We will be happy to share our experiences, knowledge and... anecdotes. Our consultants will prepare an individually selected training program for you, tailored to your requirements and skills. They will determine the most convenient date and timetable and select an instructor. The instructors will explain the operation and teach many useful skills that the Mac OS. Then we can, for example, focus the training on speeding up work, show and help choose the best forms of data security and synchronization.