Access to a computer, both private and corporate, is a serious matter and therefore requires proper treatment. Likewise e-mail boxes. Also a cloud drive, or a private external drive. Examples of data that need to be protected on the Internet can be cited endlessly. Access to your bank account or mail manager. Everything full of contact details, photos, files, text information, GPS locations. To prevent user data from falling into the wrong hands, you should take care of your cybersecurity. Not to mention data as sensitive as PESEL in the official portal, e-puap, electronic inboxes for courts and similar.

Cybersecurity by definition

This concept refers to technologies, processes and practices designed to protect the security of IT networks, but also devices, programs and data against attacks, damage or unauthorized access. In the era of widespread digitization and the creation of a digital copy of our world and the lives of everyone who has ever had contact with a computer, cybersecurity is particularly important. Because government and military organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs and even medical facilities collect, process and store huge amounts of data. A significant part of them usually constitutes sensitive data, regardless of whether it is intellectual property or personal data. In the case of data for which a given entity is responsible for storing, unauthorized access may have very negative consequences. However, as we wrote at the beginning, cybersecurity of data on private devices is important. None of the private users would like their files, works and data to leak from the disk or the cloud.

The first barrier to cybersecurity is the password.

To make it more difficult and often to protect our data against unauthorized access, various types of passwords are used. Both when logging in to e-mail and bank accounts, and finally when unpacking compressed folders. But how to create a secure password ? It is worth learning how to create secure passwords, although remember that no password is 100% secure. Many factors influence cybersecurity. Mainly user behavior on the Internet. Storing unencrypted data and e-mails, visiting dangerous websites, storing passwords in accessible places and even in the browser's memory contributes to reducing data security. Security is also influenced by how we operate the Macbook and what system security we have. Therefore, at the end of the entry, we invite you to take courses in using Mac OS and individual models of Macbooks and Mac hardware. It is worth learning how to use Mac OS to ensure the security of valuable data and the user's priceless peace of mind.


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