Computer courses in Warsaw

The only condition on the part of the student is time and willingness. Most of the burden of establishing contact with the trainee and providing him with knowledge rests on us, especially on the instructors and the training coordinator. A computer course is no exception here. We provide training in both specific office work programs and industry-specific programs, e.g. graphics or multimedia composition, as well as computer and computer network operation. Computer training in Warsaw can be conducted on-site or remotely, giving participants flexibility and diversity in choosing the method of learning. Today we will try to tell you what our computer courses in Warsaw look like. We invite you! Both for reading and for training.

Good computer courses in Warsaw?

Friendly and patient instructors with great knowledge and passion. Calm and down-to-earth with lots of industry anecdotes, they are happy to see their students' progress. We teach the full range of computer skills or a set of topics selected by the person ordering the course.

The computer course at S Partners mainly includes:

basics of work safety
basics of work ergonomics
basic functions of computer hardware
software installations and uninstallations
basics of operating Windows, Mac, Linux and other systems
desired software, e.g. MS Office or selected elements thereof, browsers and Internet use, e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Google Apps.
Additionally, we have short instructional videos for students, e.g. "how to write e-mails correctly".
connecting and using peripheral devices, e.g. scanners and printers, graphics tablets, etc.
data security and device maintenance
We also provide training in server operation and information security for advanced people and IT department employees

Computer courses in Warsaw

For you with us?

We have a really wide field of view when it comes to computer courses. Additionally, many years and extensive experience. We have completed individual courses, e.g. for administrative employees, as well as group training courses in schools and technical colleges. We also taught seniors and conducted training at Municipal Cultural Centers.

Our instructors have been working with us for many years. Moreover, they themselves still remember how they were taught... and we also remember how they learned. This significantly facilitates the transfer of knowledge because instructors see when there is a problem, fatigue or misunderstanding and are able to react. They also notice when they like a topic and can expand on it, making the training more attractive

Computer course with Windows and more

We also invite you to the Mac OS X Basics training , which includes information about:

Mac OS
office packages as well as individual applications
graphic programs
engineering programs
multimedia composition applications
courses in brand visual identification design
and product design training